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Hail fellow adventurers!


Welcome to this corner of the realms! I'm Sonceri, aka Lori Krell, aka lorioliodraws. I love all things tabletop, storytelling, lore, and graphical. This site is a rethink on content and ideas to help dungeon masters (DMs), storytellers, players, and enthusiasts.

Myself and a couple other DMs you may see over time shall unfold guides and ideas, imparting our experiences and tips & tricks to help you with your journeys. Expect a good deal of fan-creations/homebrew/fannon, whatever you wanna call it.


Graphic Templates

I love creating graphics and templates, so expect to find some of my favorite pieces made for Warcraft Conquest redesigned to let everyone reuse those glorious boss/item cards and event cards!

And to spice up everything from a letter to a threat, enjoy creating custom coins and wax seals!

Save these as png files, and you can share them in your personal letters, in a VTT, and print out for table top finds.

For vehicle token creators, you can find resources and an easy token creation guides. Guides for squad and massive ship tokens are in progress! I use Photoshop CC for these creations, of course you can use any graphics app and 3D like Blender. These guides are just my processes.

First Guide: Investigations

To get us started for DMs, how about Investigations! Ever wanted to run Clue in your tabletop games? Have an inner Murder She Wrote, Law and Order, Sherlock fiend waiting to unleash a murder mystery in your favorite MMO-RPG? Want to spice up a simple scouting mission?

The Investigation Events guide walks through best practices, planning, and examples for kicking off these events and campaigns. Included are resources and examples of a murder and forest trail to give you insights and ideas.

Game Genre: Exalted

Soon the site will include game genre and setting guides, content, and more. Expect to find resources and creations for games including fantasy and sci fi TTRPGs, World of Darkness, Shadowrun. Many of these myself and fellow DMs are running in tabletop campaigns.

To get us started, we present Exalted with a focus on Chiaroscuro, Broken Jewel of the South. Some of this content goes beyond the books, flavored for our local games with options you can use in your games. Plots, ruins, maps, and more will follow.

Just looking for resources? Check them out here!

Some art used is from White Wolf, some are just inspirations to give a visual. These will be replaced with original works given time.

Want to support?

Interesting in supporting the site and creation efforts? I welcome your aid through Patreon. I'm new to these platforms and getting started!

Want to submit to the site? Contact me through Discord at Loriolio#5076.