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April 18 - 24 2022 | Alterac Campaign

A violent storm brews in the Alterac Mountains, and the misbegotten children cast out seek vengeance against the Alliance, Horde, and neutral allied by summoning new powers into the fray. Lok'harak, a Frost Lord of ancient tales rises from the depths from the help of the Syndicate and the Winterax Tribe to bring about an eternal winter to all of Alterac, and if not stopped, all of Lordaeron. The Alliance and Horde must work together to stop the eternal winter and cast out the local brigands in Everfrost.

Warcraft Conquest presents Everfrost, a narrative and D20 campaign set to run between April 18th - April 24th in Alterac. This story continues our journey to battle a rising frost lord seeking to plunge Azeroth into an eternal winter. Players from Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, and US servers are welcome!

Open to All

Open to All

IC campaign across all US servers and factions: Alliance, Horde, and Neutral. Based on Moon Guard - US. We welcome new DMS and players!

Recommended Addons

Recommended Addons

We recommend TotalRP3, Cross RP, Listener, Dicemaster, Elephant, and long emote addons. Find addons in apps like

Connect in Discord

Connect in Discord

Schedules, plans, discussions, narration updates, RP prompts, and more are tracked in the Warcraft Conquest Discord and Twitter.



Events take place across the Alterac mountains, using locations in Hillsbrad for camps and events. AV and other locations as proxies.

D20 & RP Events

D20 & RP Events

We use the simplified Conquest D20 system for PVE/PVP encounters. Additional mechanics and campaign loot available per DM.

Vehicle Battles

Vehicle Battles

We use the Conquest Warmachine system for vehicle battles in Discord, including naval, land, and air.

Gain Allies

Not all elements bow to the will of the frozen lord of Alterac. Seek allies in the slopes and passes, protect them from the forces to subvert them, and have their aid in the final battle. If you fail to gain their aid, the battle may become harder. Take care with your choices, paths, and final actions!

All events, in-game and vehicle battles in Discord, will affect each other! Unlock allies, gain buffs, break enemy forces.

The Frozen Lord

A powerful elemental of ice, snow, and hungering vengeance rises in the Alterac Mountains. It has gained a foothold through the climes towards Alterac Valley. It may have gained allies and support in the region, promising resources and an endless winter. Whatever promises made, we must end the threat or have those elementals forces bear down on regions ill-prepared for the onslaught.

Entering the region will be difficult...

Campaign Camps

Camps for the campaign coming soon.

Campaign Events Preview

Get a sneak peek into campaign events including stories, PVE, PVP, and vehicle battles. Additional events will be added over time. Coming Soon!

Battles of Skill

The focus of this campaign is on cooperative narration, story, and events. PVP is not allowed in camps or a part of this campaign. We will not have open PVP, faction conflict, or prisoner rp. Only 2 events have sanctioned conflict elements: Alterac Crucible (battle arena of contests) and Rivals of the Rink (demolition derby).

Join Forces to End Threats

Not all battle each other when faced with the threats gaining lands and fortifications once held by the Alliance, Horde, neutral parties, and others. Events will help sway this campaign through battles, scouting missions, infiltrations, magical investigations, vehicle battles, safeguarding allies, and much more!

Learn what happened

Every night DMs posted narration information and reports on events and the campaign, crafting the story based on player achievements.

Captured moments

Everyone shared screenshots, journals, and more throughout the campaign. See what you missed, or remember all the great adventures!