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Created by White Wolf/Onyx Path, World of Darkness is a world of supernatural horror and intrigue hidden in plain sight. The setting has a few different ages (Dark Ages, Victorian, and Modern) giving players and storytellers a rich setting to be the original terrors of the world: vampires, werewolves, fae, ghosts, mummies, demons, hunters, and many other creatures living among the normal folk. They feature settings across the globe and mythos, with various cultures and ideas presented. All stories and backgrounds are told from the victors and fallen, leaving you the diviner of truth.

It has two major setting lines: World of Darkness (classic) and Chronicles of Darkness (new). Both have fascinating tales and options, numerous versions and tomes, and some of the best writing and art available in any game line.



For quick resources and options to get you started with World of Darkness games, check these links:

WoD WikiLinkUnofficial wiki of information for all WoD games/genres in new and classic.
Fan Creation WikiLinkFan creations and information for World of Darkness
Mr Gone's Character SheetsPDFExpand the World of Darkness for character sheets by genre.
Onyx Path
LinkOpen forums of discussions on all WoD genres.
Storyteller's VaultPDFFind and purchase White Wolf books and community creations for your games!
World of Darkness YoutubeYoutubeWatch introductions, guides, and games from the company.
Gentleman GamerYoutubeLearn more about vampire clans, werewolf tribes, and watch character creation with a fine gentleman.
The PrimogenYoutubeLearn more about all games lines in the World of Darkness with the Primogen.
Lore by NightYoutubeLearn more about the world from this gentleman, including Q&A specials.

Stream Adventures

LA by NightYoutubeWatch a Vampire 5.0 game of anarchs in LA.
Seattle by NightYoutubeWatch a Vampire 5.0 game set in Seattle.
McStabber StudiosYoutubeMany game plays for many gamelines including Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, and Wraith.
Echoes of New YorkYoutubeWatch a 4 part series of Wraith the Oblivion.