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Custom Coins

Create custom coins for your world, characters, guilds, and more with this Photoshop file. It includes multiple shapes, metals, colors, and text layout options.

You can create these for D&D, World of Darkness, World of Warcraft, thief guilds, noble families, and many other games and settings. You can add as many icons and decorations as you want.

Fonts and Brushes

You may need fonts used by these PSD files. Download and install fonts used in many of these PSD files. You can download and install the fonts from this zip file:

Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Photopea

These templates use layer effects, masks, and clipping masks to generate seals.You can use Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Photopea free online editor. Versions for Clip Studio, GIMP, and other graphic programs are not available yet due to some limitations. These were created using the latest Photoshop Creative Cloud version.

Download and Build

PSD Sonceri Coins - click to download.

  1. Add an icon or pick one from the purple folder, Paste an Icon here.
  2. Select the coin type: round, hex, square, forged, or wood.
  3. Optional, show the Text group and a layer. Edit text. Coins may have rounded text, square text, angled, etc.
  4. Optional, show the Pick Decoration and layer for little additions, like laurel leaves or runes.
  5. Select the color and type of coin. For example, wood has four different looks, round as multiple colors and metals.
  6. Save as a .png.

WoW Coins

Example Coins