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Exalted Resources

Exalted brings high fantasy and forgotten mythic ages with epic battles and plots for unique tales. The world of Creation nears the close or a change in eons in the Second Age of this world. In the First Age, grand powers and the blessed of the gods warred across the lands to push back invaders and destructive forces, driven by an initial need of Yu'shan (heaven) and left to their own devices.

Yu'shan raised the blessed as Solars (chosen children of the Unconquered Sun), Lunars (survivor children of Luna the moon), and Dragon-Blooded (risen children in elemental dragon bloodlines). Many other blessed and cursed exist (Abyssals, Infernals, Alchemical, etc), for the purposes of these resources and games, focusing on these exalts.


Storyteller VaultPDFFind and purchase White Wolf books and community creations for your games!
The TrovePDFExalted PDF guides and books.
Mr Gone's Character SheetsPDFIncredible PDF printable and interactive character sheets for all Exalted versions. To support, you can purchase his sheets through Storyteller's Vault.
Taxonomy of MadnessLinkCollection of demons and their hierarchy, expanded with fan creations.
Exalted WikiLinkCollection of fan-made creations for multiple versions including spells, charms, artifacts, and more.
Ink Monkeys UltimatePDFCompilation of charms by Ink Monkeys freelance writers.
Tomb of 5 CornersPDFFree starter adventure to give you a taste of Exalted. Written for first edition.
Return to the Tomb of 5 CornersPDFThe same started adventure updated to Exalted second edition.
AnathemaLinkCharacter creation application, easy point and click creation including charms and spells.
BattleWheel 2EDPDFDownload this PDF and image battle wheel to easily track combat ticks. You can save the image to a VTT with character and enemy icons laid on it and moved as ticks commence. Or print it out, slip it into a plastic sleeve, and use erasable marker to track ticks.
List of PublicationsLinkList of all publications created and published, White Wolf and fan-made.
When Autochon DreamsPDFCollection of fan-made artifacts.
The ArmoriumPDFCollected lists of weapons.


I have run many games for Exalted. Here are two of the longest lived campaigns, including a current in-progress campaign.

Ascending Souls EraEastSilver Python, seer and Lunar, forsees the coming of a new circle, a new prophecy. But the threads are darkened, tangled, unlike any she has witnessed before. Something lies in the dark, already on the hunt. A circle is gathered, well on the path set by this dark shadow. But who or what is the shadow, does it fall from Yu'shan, and what comes once they learn of it?
Sands of the SouthSouthA few years have passed since the shadow was uncovered as a powerful Sidereal Demetrius underwent a terrifying change. Now a new group of exalts rises in Chiaroscuro, enjoying new freedoms, finding their way, and ending up embroiled in the machinations of this changed man...fiend...power?

Solars of the Sun

JalenI was born mortal, but the Sun blessed me in just the last few years. My path is that of Zenith, which means I tend to teach and gather folk, and our own kind. If you ever have a question or need help, I run a small chocha shop, coffee and teas with a few prized flavors from Nexus. I am openly exalted, to the hells with those who call us all anathema.

The sun has blessed us, but the path is ours. It’s hard to know what we should do. If you listen to the Dragon-Blooded, demons learned from us how to commit such terrible crimes. This is facaa (crap to those without Flametongue).

  • Dawn - Born of the Sun’s rise, warriors in their heart. We settle the scores, level the scales, and choose battles wisely.
  • Zenith - Height of the Sun at noon, teachers and keepers of the way. We judge the evils of the world, yet show compassion where needed.
  • Twilight - The Sun at dusk, scholars of lore, speakers of demons and spirits, and all that is inbetween. Some are riftwalkers!
  • Night - When the Sun seeks rest, thieves, assassins, and secret hoarders find their paths. Tempt not their fate. Solars also feel their steel!
  • Eclipse - When Luna hides the Sun from the world, politicians and bureaucrats find their power. Their ability is stunning from villages to secret organizations.

But don’t make assumptions of what to expect from each of these castes. I met a Twilight weapon crafters that carved a slab of marble in twain with one strike of a sword.

Your life has changed forever. Live silent in hiding, or among the world as you are. But know you are eternal. Time has no meaning for you. And despite the powers granted by the Unconquered Sun, you are fallible and mortal. The Wyld Hunt of the Dragon-Blooded can and will hunt and murder you. The Raksha may hunger and siphon away all you are into their maws. And people can still bleed you dry through taxes or blades.

Lunars of the Moon

JadefangJalen is a lovely lady, have no doubt. But I think it best Jadefang speaks now. Finely met, I am a Changing Moon of our mother Luna. You may find me lazing about in the markets as Ilong Ming, for my true time is the night.

Unlike the Solars, we have a close bond with the Mother Moon. Luna spied something in you, watched closely to your heart. And when you bested a life-threatening challenge, that survival brought you to her breast. Do you remember?

She held you close, spoke with care, and offered just the right amount of comfort you needed. When ready, you rushed from the place you exalted, sensing prey. The heartbeat thundered until you caught and ate it whole. For a time, sometimes weeks, or a month, you lived in that flesh and mind of the beast. Until one of Luna received her message and found you.

Luring you from the beast to man, you began training as a cub. Lessons of the changing, full, and no moons began until you finally reached the proper caste. Then in a ceremony most honorable, you accepted your place and received the mark of the Silver Pact.

I know, it felt as if your soul bled as the moonsilver tattoos pierced your flesh. Forever they will run as a river over your flesh. But they keep you from destruction in the Wyld. Yes, the Solars, Dragon-Blooded, and mortals fear it. But we have walked those paths in our lives. And you will meet Raksha. Take a care, they are not evil so much as hungry. For souls and minds. And they desperately wish for warfare to begin again. But there’s some ancient treaty or whatnot.

  • Full Moons - Born under the full aching moon of rage, Luna bore them into battle! Fearsome in the art of war, tactics, and leadership, they are true champions.
  • Changing Moons - Born under the many faces, we fulfill every path without selecting a single one. We understand life is varied and rich, ever curious to learn.
  • No Moons - Born when the moon hid, they hold all secrets lost from this world. But they never give them freely. They know such secrets of sorcery, spirits, demons, elementals, and lore can be dangerous things. Everything is a damn riddle with them.

We are masters of flesh. You may have various gifts for gaining the forms and minds of others including humans, beasts, demons, Raksha, and more. But your totem truly holds sway when seeking our deadliest form. Not only can we move among mortals, but other Lunars and Solars and spirits beyond.

While the Solars fear everything, we have our septs and families. Many Lunars form pacts, sometimes with Solars. As a pack, you live and battle as family. Septs are places of gathering, covering regions with elders to younger faces like yourself. We hold moots during the seasons to share stories and make changes.


Art in these sections are property of White Wolf and inspirational pieces for characters and locations. New art may be painted and added as time allows.