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November 11 - 21 2021 | Barrens Campaign

Emboldened by the thinning lines of Alliance and Horde, the mongrels of the Barrens now aggressively test the defenses of the major factions. Patrols, traders, and even fortified outposts of the Horde and Alliance have been attacked, with false flags planted to stoke the tensions of the thinly-held armistice. Quillboar war drums thunder from the depths of the Kraul. Centaur and Harpies raise war banners. The Venture Company arms these denizens with equipment salvaged from the Iron Horde, seeking vengeance for their losses in Stranglethorn. In the shadows of the Overgrowth and within the walls of Northwatch Hold, a clandestine power seeks to ignite the flames of war.

The Thornwake rises. The Alliance and Horde will have to face it - and each other.

Warcraft Conquest presents Thornwake, a narrative and D20 campaign set to run between November 11th - November 21st in the Barrens. This story continues our journey to battle foes in Azeroth, plaguing the Barrens and threatening to tip the factions into open war. Players from Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, and US servers are welcome!

Open to All

Open to All

IC campaign across all US servers and factions: Alliance, Horde, and Neutral. Based on Moon Guard - US. We welcome new DMS and players!

Recommended Addons

Recommended Addons

We recommend TotalRP3, Cross RP, Listener, Dicemaster, Elephant, and long emote addons. Find addons in apps like

Connect in Discord

Connect in Discord

Schedules, plans, discussions, narration updates, RP prompts, and more are tracked in the Warcraft Conquest Discord and Twitter.



Events take place across the northern and southern Barrens of Kalimdor. Forces set up camp and seek dangers to homes and strongholds.

D20 & RP Events

D20 & RP Events

We use the simplified Conquest D20 system for PVE/PVP encounters. Additional mechanics and campaign loot available per DM.

Vehicle Battles

Vehicle Battles

We use the Conquest Warmachine system for vehicle battles in Discord, including naval, land, and air.

Players battle for regions

Optional, opt-in PVP events are here! Key locations, story lines, and PVP Dungeon Masters offer a set of player warfare options at this campaign. For the Horde, Alliance, and Azeroth! All battles will have their own maps, events, and rules to ensure the faction conflict does not spill into other storylines. A No Man's Land provides open PVP with DM led raid groups nightly.

Maps and narration tales will track successes and failures as war rages. Conquest D20 Simplified 1.2 rules, helpful template, "Pro Faction War" in your TRP profiles, in-game events, No Man's Land, and vehicle battle.

Save the Barrens and Strongholds

Sabers rattle and smoke rises across the Barrens as the Mongrel Horde continues attacks against all peoples in the plains. The Horde endured attacks in Durotar and have lost contact with Crossroads. Alliance seeks Northwatch Hold having gone silent after requisitioning supplies and ammunitions. Druids moving from the cinders of Teldrassil make silent moves into the Barrens. Thorns rise, casting shadows from the cliffs.

Maps and narration tales provide details over the campaign. D20 and open RP, in-game events, camp RP, Discord RP, and vehicle battles.

Campaign Camps

Camps for the campaign will not move, with Alliance in Northwatch Hold and Horde in Crossroads.

Campaign Events Preview

Get a sneak peek into campaign events including stories, PVE, PVP, and vehicle battles. Additional events will be added over time.

Campaign PVP Maps

These maps track the ongoing PVP battles through Ashenvale and the Barrens. Objectives and results will be noted nightly. We use Conquest D20 Simplified 1.2 rules for D20 PVP battles. This template can help create and track your character abilities and status.

Finale Events

We have two finales planned with a series of events per night: Thornwake Druids and Gravetusk Quilboar!

Thornwake Druids

As the Horde and Alliance and all neutral factions arrive in the Barrens, what seems to haunt the land and peoples may not be what it seems. At the depths of misfortune and attacks by twisted plants and corrupted leadership are a faction of rogue druids. The Thornwake. Events lead us through to locate their numbers and battle the true horrors of this twisted grove midway in the campaign!

All events invade the Overgrowth to scout, investigate, and battle the Thornwake!

Gravetusk Quilboar

For months, the Bramblespear Horde has gathered and armed allies to retake the Barrens from usurpers and invaders. Woefully called the Mongrel Horde, these folk of plains and cliffs and thorns rise up as the druids fall, enacting great battles that culminate in a final draw. But who is the true enemy? This horde battling to hold their ancestral lands, or something that lurks still in the Kraul?

Final events all take place together, as we siege Razorfen Kraul and Downs to find the truth.

Learn what happened

Every night DMs posted narration information and reports on events and the campaign, crafting the story based on player achievements.

Captured moments

Everyone shared screenshots, journals, and more throughout the campaign. See what you missed, or remember all the great adventures!