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Wax Seals

Wax seals include round and square formats with numerous patterns and colors including metal and stone. Use these to create custom seals for using your your letters, journals, and much more.

You can create these for D&D, Pathfinder, LARPs, World of Darkness, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, homebrew settings, thief guilds, noble families, and many other games and genres.

Fonts and Brushes

If you want to add special effects, add text, or grunge up the seals, download and install fonts and brushes. See Fonts and Brushes.

Download PSD Files

You have more options for making wax seals! You will need to supply your own icons for the new files. The Original seals file does have some icons already available.

Large Files

These files can be rather large, some of them ~200mb, due to the hefty amount of shapes and overlay colors. I tried to make these smaller, and group seal shapes into specific files.

Download Photoshop files!

Original Sonceri SealsA few shapes, colors, and wax options with a bunch of icon examples to choose from. You can add your own.
Round Wax Seals zipFour round options including white with flowers, plain round, heavy round, and round with a hex imprint. Numerous color and pattern options. Only a couple icon examples.
Oval Wax Seals zipThree oval options with different kinds of wax and thickness. Numerous color and pattern options. Only a couple icon examples.
Square Wax Seals zipThree options including square, diamond, and rectangle. Numerous color and pattern options. Only a couple icon examples.

Round Seals


Oval Seals


Square Seals


Get an Icon

Before creating a seal, you will need an icon, clipart, or symbol. This should have a transparent background and completely black for best results. Of course, play around with ideas! These files give you a base to create some awesome seals!

Where to find a symbol?

  • Search for free lineart or clipart. Check icon libraries like Flaticon, FontAwesome, or Material.
  • Draw your own lineart. Just make sure it is on a transparent background.
  • Use free heraldry images for flags and house crests. There are many sites and libraries, like HeraldryClipart
  • Save images from the WoW Tabard Designer.
  • Search for vintage designs and decorations like art nouveau or art deco designs.

You can add one or many different icons to make up your seal!

Clean Up Icons

If you are new to cleaning up art, see Cut out Assets for ideas and tools.

Create a Seal

It's time to create your wax seal. These instructions will use the new round seals, and can be used for any file:

  1. Create a duplicate of the layer group SYMBOL - Copy for custom seals! You will add your icon here and set up optional foil (metal texture).

    Wax Seals

  2. Paste the transparent icon into the Icon folder. It will automatically add embossing and hide the black color. If the icon ends up in another layer outside of the group, just drag and drop that layer!

    Wax Seals

  3. Select a seal shape by showing/hiding those groups.

    Wax Seals

  4. Show/hide layers to find a color you like for the seal. Colors and patterns are separated into color groups. You can show multiple layer to change how the colors and patterns look.

    Wax Seals

    Add new patterns!

    You can also add your own! Find a pattern you like, copy and paste it into those layer groups. Change the layer style from Normal to options like Multiply, Screen, Lighten, and so on till you find a look you like. It will automatically mask to fill just the wax seal.

  5. Save as a .png, or add a foil effect. See the next section.

Add Foil Effect

To add a foil effect, you have a couple options. Here's an easy method:

  1. Select the icon layer. Using the move tool, select all, nudge up and down with your keyboard, to select the icon.


  2. With the icon selected, click on the Masked Foil folder. Click the Add Mask button at the bottom of the layers list. A new black and white mask is added to the group. This will show images only within the white area.


  3. Show/hide the metal texture options to add a foil look to the icon. You can add your own in this folder too!


  4. Save as a .png.

Here are some foil and seal examples for a single icon:


Example Seals

Click to zoom in. These seals are much larger than viewed below. Feel free to save and use these images!