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MMOs give dungeon masters and players more opportunities to write their own tales within the world. World of Warcraft provides a fantastic world and history to tell stories, chart campaigns, and run events. From politics to war, you could do anything in the game, in Discords, on blogs, and in virtual tabletops.


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There are numerous server projects, campaigns, recurring events, and roleplay gatherings across the servers. To find a full list, check the Warcraft forums and event announcements on various Discord servers. The following are two projects I've worked with over the years.

I am also in progress on a Warcraft setting called The Magisterium, coming soon.


The Coalition of the Horde Discord Server is a Horde role-playing community on the Moon Guard server of World of Warcraft. The project is Horde and Neutral faction friendly, open to all members and guilds with the sole intention of defending Horde interests and rebuilding after the disastrous Fourth War. The project hopes to capture the feel of the New Horde through representing the many tribes, military, national and numerous factions within the Horde. Every month we meet to discuss current events and organize cooperation between the member guilds. We also host campaigns open to new and veteran Dungeon Masters, players, and friends to attend across all lands of Azeroth and beyond.

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The Coalition uses the following resources for campaigns and events:

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Coalition of the Horde is community driven, written and forged by numerous moderators, dungeon masters, creators, writers, and players. The community is vast and ever-growing, open to all Horde and Neutral faction players on Moon Guard-US and other servers.

Interested? Join the discord Discord and Warcraft Community.


The Warcraft Conquest Discord Server is a community project that focuses on coordinating fun and dynamic roleplay plot lines set in the Warcraft universe, conducted via dungeon mastered PvE-D20, PvP-D20, RP-PvE, and RP-PvP events. We hope to provide a platform for networking and collaboration for players on the Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord World of Warcraft servers! Many immersive graphical and written resources have been created by members of this project that any player may use in their roleplay.

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Conquest CampaignsConquest Campaign Resources
Tempest's Fury
Tropic Sunder
In Death's Shadow
Conquest D20 System Simplified 2.0
PVP and PVE Templates
Conquest War Machine System 3.3
Conquest War Machine Templates
Vehicle Token Library
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Warcraft Conquest is community driven, written and forged by numerous moderators, creators, writers, and players. The community is hosted on Moon Guard-US open to other servers and cross-faction.

Interested? Join the discord Discord and Warcraft Community.