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Silver Legacy


Magic has touched all of our lives. Ancestors reveled in power, calling to spirit and building empires. Some cultures turned from magic and damned it from use, only for it to be embraced by future generations. Spirits and gods touched the devoted, divine of paths lit by sun, moon, and the everdark. Elementals bend to the demands of those that summon. By researching these creations of the past, we can glean lessons for the future.

The Silver Legacy collects magical knowledge, restores artifacts, and helps deal with dangerous magics. They have a growing history aiding with archeological sites, translating ancient runes and languages, and identifying magics lost and found.

In the past few years, the Legacy has worked alongside the Explorer's League and Reliquary in digsites and archeological research, providing needed tools and advice for recovering artifacts, relics, and libraries. Fast becoming allies, they joined their comrades into the Dragonscale Expedition, continuing their work and expanding their offerings to adventurers seeking the isles. Now they welcome new members, inducting Seekers among the many folk and Dracthyr of Azeroth.

The Magisterium

The Silver Legacy is a public-facing group of the Endless Scrolls in the Magisterium setting for Warcraft created by Sonceri.

Campaign Messages from the Legacy

founder founder


The Silver Legacy is a Research group that focuses on magic items, spells, and sites found and researched in ruins. They are deeply focused on all forms of magic (but not Titan). Gaining reputation with the group earns perks and consumables to aid in magical research and managing dangerous sites.


Questing includes Personal and Event.

PersonalMaps with ruins and locations can be provided. Players can run personal rp, collect information, run an investigation, and post a report or story with screenshots. This earns points for reputation.
EventEvent types listed as Quest can earn points when completed with the reputation. These events could be open roleplay, D20, and include some form of investigation, scouting, or magic to them along with any battle, etc.

Reputation Levels

SeekerNewly recruited into the Legacy. You have begun your studies as an apprentice, seeking out into the world, writing reports on newly found discoveries or updating old ones. Select a project and work with researchers to bring fresh eyes and ideas.

Dictation Quill - Quill pets for RP. It takes dictation into books and on parchment.

Detect Magic - 1 charge per event wand. Use to determine the type of magic on items, rituals, and sites.
ResearcherCompleteing a project, you have risen to a true researcher. Seek a project or strike out on your own. You receive the aid of Seekers and fellow Researchers to investigate, test, and learn. Your work joins the great scholarly libraries of the Legacy.

Translation Reading Glasses - Reading glasses for RP. Gives the ability to understand read languages, but perhaps the translation is too true or incorrect.

Identify Magic - 1 charge per event wand. Use to determine the abilities of an item, how a ritual or site works, and so on.
ScholarHaving completed a trek of research, you may rise to a scholar of knowledge. Select a primary area of knowledge, ability, and experience, you have gained further knowledge to understand and work with these forces. Your works fill the libraries for others.

Transcribe Quill - Quill pets for RP. 1 charge per event to create a copy of content from a letter to a full book as long as the required amount of empty parchment is available. It does not translate.

Access to the Scholarly Wing - You receive 1 library minor investigation action to send requests and receive information per campaign.
ArcheologistHaving proven your knowledge as a scholar, you now handle collections as an archeologist. Select a minor area of knowledge to extend the primary. You have the ability and knowledge to work with ancient texts, arts, weapons and armor, artifacts, and other items and locations of magic. Many come to you for advanced knowledge and aid.

Mapping Orb - Pets for RP. 1 charge per event to create a map of a location.

Access to Special Collections - You receive 1 library moderate investigation action per campaign, this stacks with minor actions.
ArchivistWith a deep understanding of archeology, you now are a trusted archivist of special collections. Few have such trust, care, and experience with frail and rare magical artifacts as you. You have attained a second mastery of knowledge.

Archivist Tome - Book pets for RP. A floating tome of knowledge that collects knowledge and provides access to information. This captures knowledge you think, write, dictate, and some from the library.

Access to Archivist Vaults - You receive 1 library major investigation action per campaign, this stacks with other actions.
ConservatorThe pinnacle of scholars, the conservator heralds knowledge, scholarship, and projects to expand the library and collections. You have knowledge of and access to the restricted section of dangerous magic and knowledge. Few attain this rank, specializing in two areas of knowledge and two minor areas.

Staff of Wonders - Staff for RP. This staff holds special abilities only you have. Create a spell or ability and have it held in the staff, available 1 charge per event.

Access to Restricted Sections - You receive 1 library legendary investigation action per campaign, this stacks with other actions.


Lead ResearcherFelorin Calarai (Sin’dorei)
Keeper of the TomesGustav Sunwish (huge monster of a man)
QuartermastersManxy the Marvelous (mechagnome) and Bobbin Brightcog (goblin)
Caravan MasterSilas MacMillan (Kul’Tiran)
Guard MasterMunera Cloudwalker (tauren)