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Getting Started with Tokens

This guide walks through creating vehicle tokens. We use these tokens for Discord-based battles in Warcraft Conquest. Typically there are a few types: squads of character models, beasts, and vehicles.

All tokens follow Warcraft artistic themes, using models from the game.


You can install tools locally and use online websites to collect models for vehicle:

  • WoWTools select the Model tab, expand the hamburger icon to search, and enter terms. You can enter partial or full terms, turn on and off m2 and wmo files. The most recent files are on the last pages, indicating date released and expansion.
  • Search for NPCs and models in WoWHead and click View in 3D. Set animation, pause, and double click to see a full screen size. Screen capture and go!
  • WoW Model Viewer is an application you can install on your computer. It accesses WoW files with the game closed. This lets you build character looks and more. You can import characters. Be advised, .wmo files tend to crash the application rarely ever opening.
  • Dressing Room on WoWHead. Double click to see a full screen for a screenshot. You can import characters with a server and in-game name.
  • WoWHead Outfits great for creating squads of character models. Search by look to find great transmog and view in Dressing Room to take screenshots.
  • Sonceri Token Library includes tokens, grids of many sizes, and more!
  • Conquest/Maxen Token Library
Learning 3D

Want to learn how to export and work on models in 3D? Blender is a great tool to get started. You may need a graphics program to edit texture skins like Photoshop. And some guides!

Videos: Belvane, Doc K Games, Nixxiom, Mastermind OverRide, IKEdit - Russian

Tutorials: Enos Shenk Tutorial, WoW Blender Studio - outdated, Frostmourne Sculpt

Inspiration for Tokens

Figuring out the vehicles you want to make requires a little thinking and inspiration. Here are some great ideas!

A roleplay approach:

  • What would your character use in battles?
  • Is the vehicle or group part of your guild?
  • Was it commissioned and built for a specific purpose, endless resources? Was it cobbled together from spare parts and no money?
  • Does it fit a theme: race, faction, special group, expansion? This can give you ideas for armor, decals, source models.
  • For squads, are they a group battling together over the years, fresh soldiers, special division?

Material ideas:

  • Armored, metal, brand new or rusted
  • Bone, undeath, corpse-like
  • Wood, tree, rustic, carved
  • Magical, runed, uncommon design or engine
  • Low tech, low magic, war-torn
  • High tech, refined creation, new
  • Ship for the water or the skies
  • Land roving tank or wagon


  • Watch Warcraft cinematics
  • Read stories
  • Wander the world and take screenshots
  • Come up with mood boards
  • Think about other shades and patterns for existing models

Planning the Build

When planning your token, start putting together lists or files:

  • WoWHead links to bosses, NPCs, armor sets, outfits from the Transmog gallery
  • Screen captures from game of ships or tanks, NPCs or locations
  • Saved file names to search and use or screen captures from WoW Model Viewer or WoWTools
  • Downloaded files from the Conquest drive
  • Models from Warcraft 3 Remastered, some of these are fantastic
  • Mood boards of ideas and captured screenshots you can create

If you have the ability to use 3D programs, you can download and use the models and textures. These guides focus on image software like Photoshop and Gimp.

Collecting Images

When capturing images and models, consider the angle. Isometric is best, which is pointed to the side, a bit top down. You can download an isometric grid and lay it over your files with a multiply layer setting. This lets you see through to only the lines.

Here's an example of taking a ship screenshot from WoWTools in an isometric angle. The grid was added in Photoshop to help see the angle. Top down, the front pointing not quite sideways, giving a view of the ship and all the great details.

Grid Layout

When collecting pieces of other models and textures to add into the look, consider flipping and turning the items up and down, on its side, close up and far away. So many items and models can work, from armor pieces to buildings.

Here's an example of models captured and the final ship image for a Suramar magical warship, mixing a simple ship expanded with towers and a magical shield as an engine/sail.

Suramar Ship