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Send letters to fine friends, declare war, or prepare a grocery list. The scrollcase is ready for your missives. Simply make a copy to your Google drive, create a slide, select a look, and write. For added flair, use a wax seal or add more coins.

Helpful Request from the Artist

All of these resources are free! Creating art and resources takes a great deal of time and effort. As a helpful gesture, feel free to note you used Sonceri Resources and Templates at Thanks!

  1. Visit the Scrollcase Google Slides.
  2. Select File > Make a Copy to save a copy of the Entire Presentation to your Google Drive.
  3. Create new slides.
  4. Right-click on a slide, select Apply Layout, and pick a look! Each layout includes a custom background and text areas.

To share with friends, share the entire slide deck, save to PDF, or export each slide to an image.