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Astral Star

The paths of chronomancy impart as much logic and mathematics as psychology and parapsychology. Those of the Astral Star seek divergent paths of learning, mystical to mathematical, in the spire halls. And yet the orders come to similar conclusions regardless of the journey.


Their calling began much later amoung the spires, rising only as a result of scholarship, not the onset. Members tend to walk many lifetimes before finding this one, visions and intuition as important as experience and age. While most seem to be in their sterling years, some younger souls join time to time, called as if their souls were reborn and simply contiuing their work.

The Reborn, they have journeyed through the ages, leaping the gulf of life and death through time's enchantment. Every moment touched in the astral a far deeper path than mere life and death. These are simply moments in a soul's existance, the vision is everything. This is not a spire of tea leaf seers or card readers, though the tools do aid some minds to reach beyond, it holds the evertwisting thread to spy what has been, could be, shall become.

How does someone untouched by vision and calculated probability truly understand? The unfathomable space of fate, held in mathematical nightmares and prophetic dream? To speak with a Reborn is to grow angered at the lack of direct answers, and weep when understanding comes too late. Most fates pass before the warning leads to understanding.

The spire has newly founded concerns, spying shifts and turns in vision that speak of a return in the aspects. Will this bring the bronze to their doorstep? Do they have members of the draconic flight in the spire, unknown, unseen? Some paths of dream have become dark, some souls have returned in fragments as if shattered into thousands of pieces. Some knowledges are fading, a sign of something that comes that few have spoken of...They seek the eldest tomes in their libraries and the confidence of the Infinite Obelisk.

We walk the thin line between knowledge and foresight, yet all shall deem us mad. Defining the future lies more in probability, understanding the mortal condition, and the hungers and despairs we are heir to. Yet a calculated end shall never define us, the star seekers and tea watchers. Little shall others understand.


Visions of the Founder

Leysara sought each path when founding the spire, reviewing the work of others, determining complexities of outcomes, and recommending actions. At the topmost point of the spire, she built a chamber of reflection, enhanced with illusions to collect and display what troubled or concerned the mind. Here those of probabilities and gazers could study magic and history to foretell tomorrow. She knew the time of her passing, setting all affairs in order, yet kept it quietly between herself and others.

A few have held the position of speaker since, the current is Forgaus, a darkly brooding man.

About the Spire

FounderLeysara Dawnlight, Quel’dori (deceased) in 2000
Realms of MagicChronomancy - Fate, Prophecy, Time
Current SpeakerForgaus Mournsong
Concerns/InterestsBronze flight, Infinite flight, ramifications of lost and new stars, return of the flights and their charge over reality
Internal Organizationcoming soon