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Infinite Obelisk

The spire forever crumbling within, stones that shall fall from their own weight, the angered many clashing viewpoints in one tower must eventually make it fall. The first tower raised from the learned, this home of holy and unholy power, scholars of darkness and light, aided with the first invasions of demonic forces against Arathor and have continued since.


Since inception, the spire has suffered an eternal internal conflict. Few believe this will ever end. Others quip if it does, the Astral Star may all scream in terror at once. Members of the spire continue to investigate, battle, and call upon otherworldly powers.

Their path is to watch for incursions into this world, breaches of magic, the outer realms, powers of life and death, anything beyond the prime reality. Be it the ripping of space through unwieldy portals, Old God threats, the Legion, ghosts of void, overzealous arch spirits of the Light, crests elemental lords, anything from beyond forcing their way into this realm of reality earns their interest.

The Obelisk sends not just a blade, but the book and soul. Every investigative force includes the martial, the scholar, the faithful as a triumvirat to balance each edge to find a solution best fitting the problem. And every mission receives documentation, libram and texts capturing details of what caused the issue, what was found, how it resolved, and insights from the three sects. Their libraries are personal accounts, journals of the blessed and the damned. Some tomes gleam in holy light, others scream with the mad voices of their writers.

No soul is calm in this tower.

During the rise of the Legion and seeking to the Broken Shores, the spire haunting the shadows has come to the forefront. In their halls, newly inducted members includes demon hunters, death knights, shadowstalkers, and visionaries of the void and light. They have opened secretive talks with the Astral Star, sharing proof for the visions of the seers. As the histories of warfare and unlife's touch roamed through Azeroth, they have sought far different paths preparing for what comes...

Long have the arcanists of Azeroth delved into the majesty of power, likewise have they seized the interests of the Legion. So have we risen, the veterans of magic, heretics and zealots of faith, cursed and blessed by powers beyond comprehension. I watch my brother, and my brother safeguards me. So shall we be the scholar and bulwark, for no other can stand upon this precipice, stare into the abyss, and return whole.


Visions of the Founder

One of the few towers mixed with martial and arcanists, Cyanril Wrathguard led the forefront of the spire as a spellbreaker. Many trained in his stead of sword and shield, and many others of robe and cloth advised as they wrote the first librams of the Spindled Path, a gyre of terror and boons. He answered the call of Lordaeron and the threat of the Legion before the Magisterium was a word on lips. Realizing the threat required far more than shield and sword, he brought together forces of magi, priests, runecasters, enchanters, the faithful and learned to battle and bind the threat.

He protected those that required a wall when training the human nation. When the spires formed, he demanded a space, unwilling to merely wait. A vocal proponent and general of forces, he never sought the podiums or riches of power. His place was in war, hunting the Legion, finding demonic incursions, and advising arcanists.

Through the spire, many others flourished. But blood trailed in their wake, typically their own. A series of investigations of awakening warlocks led to the Lord of the Wrathguard attending threats personally. Little is spoken outside of the Infinite Obelisk of the battles, and the lengths Cyanril took to end the threat.

The spire listed him as lost after he invested his soul and life in a sealing spell, naming a successor and continuing their work. Though every member watches for his return, hope in their heart and blade in hand.

About the Spire

FounderCyanril Wrathguard, Quel’dorei (lost), founded in 2000
Realms of MagicEntropy - Void, Shadow, Old Gods, Chaos, Demonic/Fel, Divine, Unholy, Necromancy (Constant Strife/Civil War)
Current SpeakerSpellbreaker Anais Felhand
Concerns/InterestsThe Old Gods and their continuous touch, demonic powers and the Legion, highly cursed and blessed artifacts and magics
Internal OrganizationWardens of the Gates (portals, ritual warriors like spellbreakers, aberrant specialists)