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Veiled Eye

The orders within the Veiled Eye rose after many years of warfare embattled and survived by the Quel’dorei peoples. Through the rise of Silvermoon, the Troll Wars, and aiding the human folk with the formation of the Council of Tirisfal, a number of magi, priests, paladins, spellbreakers, and scholars came together to form the spire. Born out of a need to help magi suffering from magical afflictions, their intent was born of altruism and healing pains. Over the ages, they have written guidelines, brewed potions, and developed crafts to safeguard the mind and soul. They also learned how to police it.


Through the ages, two groups have formed within the spire.

The first is the watchers keeping vigil over all magisters – the Order of the Blind Crown. They began as an advisory board for experimental magic, writing regiments, and maintaining interviews with mages that survived harrowing experiences, engaged in heavily experimental magics, or seemed a little off by their fellows. They began as counselors for mages who found themselves at demonic mercy and portal diviners entering new lands. Now they have become a terrifying force of magi in tune with psychic manipulation and unrivaled dominance magics. A number of warlocks now walk their halls, coming into prominence during the rise and fall of the Legion. They are known for always wearing gloves, dark colors, and politics.

Order of the Pale Masks is the other group, seeking to aid anyone harmed by terrible magics, delving into torn minds, and holding secrets and hardships within themselves to absolve. They function as a form of mind healer and sin eater, never questioning or turning away those in need. If a memory is too painful, a mind needs time to heal from dark knowledge, they can hold the memories in safe keeping. If a soul suffers in tatters from attacks or manipulation, they lay within the seeds to heal and gain a new life when the old is no longer possible. They are known for wearing pale masks, soft shades, and healing.

Emotion rules not just the mind but the body. We are a complicated being of forces, bound by a mind that must suffer every sling and arrow of misfortune. While flesh and bone may heal, oft times to perfection by magic and faith, the mind shall ever falter, once touched never the same, be it by experience or its own folly. We must not only judge the weight of a soul, but provide a path to find itself, to not only resolve pains but grow from them.


Visions of the Founder

The founder Allondir rose among the ranks of magisters through sheer will and demand. His rule and work began harsh, unyielding, the unbending steel the spire needed to rally. Forged through the pain of others, members aided without regard to their own suffering. As such, the narcissist was oblivious to his own condition after such lifetimes of sacrifice. Over the years and countless battles of the mind in healing and aiding others, his views of the world and himself shifted.

The spire changed with his revelations, seeking to aid their own as much as others, finding a legacy of terror and hardship writ in the bodies and souls of the healers. He began to reform their procedures, to heal his hurting members as much as himself. Something broken finally healed. Until their was a pain he could not heal...of a dear friend.

Far more a recluse in his later years, some whisper he aided Ya’sieri in final rituals, his death in ash mixing with the Elemental Scales. Others speculate he died of a broken heart when news of his friend’s death reached him.

About the Spire

FounderAllondir Cal’miron
Realms of MagicPsychic - Mind, Soul, Spirit, Emotion, Domination
Current SpeakerDumath “Mooneye” Evencrown
Concerns/InterestsCare and counseling the afflicted, inward journeys, astral projection, restoring and tempering minds, understanding and healing mind afflictions (and control) in all its forms (succubi/incubi)
Internal OrganizationOrder of the Blind Crown (contact Montrose of the Forsaken) (watchers, mage police, psicorp), Order of the Pale Masks (mind healers, secret keepers)