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Endless Scrolls

The hardest working spire and youngest of the five is the Endless Scrolls. Many intrepid scholars worked hard at enchanting, wand working, spell shaping, documenting the works of every spellcaster and warrior in the halls. Then one among them originating in the Elemental Scales tired of her meticulous works going up in flames! Gathering needed resources, coin, and supplies, she banded together craftsmen, creators, diplomats, and travelers under her band. They fought for a voice, unionizing, and becoming a formal spire!


Over the centuries, they moved mountains to fulfill requests, aid in crafting items and gear from common to legendary, and have single-handedly fueled libraries with tomes and plotted exploration. Taking cues from their leader Malain, they have seen the breadth and width of the world! She lived long in her advanced silvering years, falling with the city during the scourge invasion. The vacancy of speaker for the spire remains open at this time with her daughter Felorin holding the position until a new member is voted in.

The core of their expansive reach comes from the Silver Legacy, an order that works with the Reliquary and now the Explorer’s League in the Dragon Isles. They are the first seeking the far shores!

To grasp the elemental force of creation and destruction, you cannot merely seek one. All elements hold sway over the world, life, and the cosmos beyond. We are travelers and researchers of forces in nature and the cosmos, within and without. Our lives may flicker as the flame, but leave a lasting impression.


Visions of the Founder

The founder was far more an accepted leader among them. Ya’sieri held contemplative classes, seeking to listen and understand far more than act. Until his silvering years, his work and scholarship flourished by a schedule. Slow and steady. In his final years, something hounded his steps and work, forcing him into acting in haste. As a result, he enacted a ritual seeking to blend and bind all elements and burned away to fine white ash. Many study his spells and tomes, but the work he died creating has remained locked in a workroom none have opened since his passing.

About the Spire

FounderMalain Calarai
Realms of MagicMagecraft - Arcane, Enchantment, Prime, Order, Craft
Current SpeakerOpen, temporary is Felorin Calarai
Concerns/InterestsThe return of the Dragon Isles provides a new opportunity! Finding and refining magical materials, trade, crafting and enchanting, ruin delving, histories, lost arts
Internal Organizationcoming soon