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Elemental Scales

For those in the spire of Elemental Scales, the power of the cosmos pales in comparison to their control of the fractured cycle of elements. Creation and destruction lies within each spell be it fire, ice, gravity, breath. Yet they ever seek to balance this power. Without some sense of equality in spellwork, the care of intent and willworking, the flame will explode, the spring will cascade.


One of the first and most powerful of magics harnessed, the spire of elemental power and focus has ever led the advancements and study in elven society. Other races quickly sought and mastered the path of elements in their dreams of magic. It is this hunger’s call that caught the attention of the Legion and brough the elven in contact with others. Since the early days, they have only grown in number and strength, bringing in the most gold and scholarship with the Endless Scroll only second to it. Yet for such extremes of power, they also have the greatest turnover rate. Just as many fall and die to their willworking as join.

To grasp the elemental force of creation and destruction, you cannot merely seek one. All elements hold sway over the world, life, and the cosmos beyond. We are travelers and researchers of forces in nature and the cosmos, within and without. Our lives may flicker as the flame, but leave a lasting impression.


Visions of the Founder

The founder was far more an accepted leader among them. Ya’sieri held contemplative classes, seeking to listen and understand far more than act. Until his silvering years, his work and scholarship flourished by a schedule. Slow and steady. In his final years, something hounded his steps and work, forcing him into acting in haste. As a result, he enacted a ritual seeking to blend and bind all elements and burned away to fine white ash. Many study his spells and tomes, but the work he died creating has remained locked in a workroom none have opened since his passing.

About the Spire

FounderYa’sieri Palebloom
Realms of MagicForces - Nature, Fire, Frost, Earth, Water, Lightning, Gravity
Current SpeakerMerdinus Flameblade (Sin'dorei mage) and Jacali Jadehorn Runetotem (tauren shaman)
Concerns/InterestsWax and wane of elements (especially the primalists and protodragons, leylines, rifts, etc), monitoring and teaching new magi and the powerful
Internal Organizationcoming soon