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Domain - Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Rebuilt with fresh steel, chrome accents, and soft sky-blue neon, the Blue Moon drive-in theater is the favored den of the Selfies Nosferatu Sabbat Pack. They spent years restoring the tiny drive-in to play nightly favor-ites, bootlegs, and anything interesting they find online or donated by friends.

The snack bar is a marvel of an aging Denny’s reused into a diner with a row of seats along the bar and to let patrons eat or swivel around and watch the movie through the large glass windows. Beyond the usual fare of nachos and popcorn, the Fruity Pebbles Punch is their sellout success with a special touch of vampiric vitae.

The crew rampages and sleeps in the upstairs area where a ghoul always attends to snack requests and the projection booth. Every surface is covered with beloved photos, movie posters, and fan art. A few large cases provide protection from the sun, thick reinforced cinderblocks doing the rest of the work. Only the tiny projection window or hatchway down to the diner provide any entrance not opened by potence fists, explosives, or other break and enter devices.

The pack has spent a great deal of funds and work into restoring the drive-in theater. Everything has had a facelift, including a new neon sign with a moon motif, diner-like Snack Bar with a real soda shop bar, refreshed kitchen, and updated projection equipment for all types of film and digital. It’s not the elite of domain’s, but it is a slice of heaven. City life has encroached around the drive-in, with a small bit of suburbia, who receive discounts to attend.


OwnerThe Selfies, Sabbat Pack
Security⚪ For a domain, it’s not all that secure. It’s a social hangout more than a place for the pack to lay down their heads during the day. If they ever stay on property during the day, they keep ghouls with them armed to the teeth. On occasion, they have found recording equipment from other kindred, of which they filled with porn, one-act plays, and their goldfish Roger Moore.
Size⚪⚪ The size of the domain is tied up in the land for the drive-in. It’s just large enough for a medium gathering of folks to enjoy movies, but small enough not to be driven out for land development. The Selfies hope to keep the drive-in without too much of a fight by big money. It’s always possible an enterprising Ventrue or hungry land developer may try buying them out.
Bloodpool/Herd⚪ There’s just enough of a herd available for a light snack between friends. The pack do not use this place for feeding and take up arms if others try to.
Secrecy⚪ Anyone who knows of the Selfies knows the Blue Moon Theater is their domain.
  • Anyone is welcome at the Blue Moon Theater to watch double features and enjoy the snacks. You should always come to the Snack Bar and introduce yourself.
  • Be willing to have your picture taken. If equipment can’t record you, they will find a way to capture your likeness, even with a drawing, signature, or request of a personal item.
  • No murders on the property. If you feed, you need to clean up your mess. Don’t be a bad guest in your hosts’ home.
  • Don’t track in mud. In the middle of a hot car chase? Have someone hunting you? Seeking a way out of Dodge fast? If you arrive on the property, we will record it and then take a tithe that will hurt. There are better ways to get our attention.
  • If you need to escape town, transportation, or smuggling of goods, put in a request at the Blue Moon. Buy a ticket, find a nice spot for your car, and go to the Snack Bar. Use the Suggestion Box (tablet with a program) and someone will arrive to your car to discuss the terms.
MeritsThe Johnsons (2 Pt Merit) - Most of the old timers and local youth keep eyes out for anything suspicious happening, reporting back to their beloved movie owners.
FlawsNone at this time.