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Welcome to Sin City!

Many differing paths led supernaturals here, from Kindred holding The Strip at war with Camarilla at large, shifters in the deserts and national parks, mages battling between chantries and with the Technocracy, and fair folk in the kingdom of burning sands. Mortals wander the city, consumed with the ideal of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. A perfect backdrop of these giants.

This campaign tosses our mortal players into a fanon creation of Las Vegas in the 6th age with a new cross-genre assembly of vampires, changelings, and ghosts adhering to the Accords of the Cup. Will the mortals be embraced, awakened, changed in some way? Would the shifters and mages finally join the accords? Would the hunter gets them all first?


This is entirely fanon, a version of Las Vegas for my cross-genre game. It may include non-canon characters, lore touches, rules, and more for my tabletop setting. Some NPCS expand with differences from the existing setting.

Accords of the Cup

The Accords set the laws for all supernaturals in Vegas. Each supernatural has a representative.

Shlomo Rothstein of Giovanni and Capo (vampire), Bugsy the Monster of the Venetian (wraith), the previous Baron Afonse Ellery the Just followed by Baroness Stardust (changeling) are all on board.

The mages have splintered between the chantry of Black Pyramid and Distant Stars, a smattering of unaffiliated wandering the streets. But when they need help, they always come calling.

Messengers are trying to get a response from the wolves…but that hasn't happened yet. They tend to be difficult to get to formally sign and accept the accords.

And a new member will be joining the circle, unheard of in other cities, but these are forward thinking creatures and times. A mortal may join...

Cast of Characters

Game Map

The game map includes locations for mortals and all supernatural genres.