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Domain Rules

Determine what your rules and regulations are for visiting, entering, and hunting in your domain. Most cities include the usual rules depending on Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, and Independents. Sometimes it’s best to consider what you do and do not allow from random Kindred in the city.


The following are examples to help you build rules to keep people in line or use against them:

  • No hunting allowed without direct approval from the domain owner.
  • Announce your arrival in the domain and your business in it at a specific location, by text message to a specific number, etc.
  • Bring a gift of some kind when seeking business with the domain owner. Maybe you collect glass figurines or spoons.
  • Do not perform any business in the domain without approval and a contract with the domain owner. For example, you may want a contracted cut of drug sells.
  • Do not kill, fight, or start a disturbance with kindred or kine in the domain.
  • Everyone is considered neutral in your domain. No extradition policy.
  • No kindred hobos allowed in your domain. If you need a place to stay, meet with the owner.
  • No ghouls from other kindred allowed without missive, signet ring, a phone call, a letter with blood mark, etc.
  • Do not bring blood dolls when visiting. You may have far better feasting options. Gifts of blood may be welcomed.
  • Dress code enforced at all times. You may have a fine bar or restaurant requiring suit and tie and fancy dress.
Other Ideas

You may also consider your faction's/baron's/prince's/and so on traditions, rules, and laws when defining your rules. It never hurts to be aware if you allow something normally considered a breach by the powers that be. For example, the Camarilla tend to outlaw the killing of another of your kind, safeguarding the right of destruction to the Prince/elders.