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Create a Domain

Domain is a Background you can purchase at character creation or through your Chronicle based on Storyteller decisions. As with Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition, you can invest up to 10 points into your domain. This point system allow you to expand on your domain with security, size, herd, and secrecy.

For the points spent or invested, each point is one for one. Storytellers may allow players to spend starting or experience points, pooled points between multiple players, or award points and features with roleplay and questing.

For additional points, add flaws. Be aware, too many flaws, and you may incur domain damage, invasions, and maybe lose the property! You can also purchase merits to enhance your domain/haven.

Floors one through ten are for the normals, skip those. Dorn hosts business meetings fifteen through twenty, the rest is off limits. We also have access to all facilities in the resort, enjoy on your off time.
~ Mr. Oliver, Aventrine Security


No matter if your domain is a single building or a neighborhood, you need security to protect against home invasion, people with guns, Sabbat incursions, solicitors, and the like.

NonePeople can walk in anytime!
You have some locks, a hurricane fence, maybe a cute dog protecting your haven. It doesn’t take much to break in. You may not realize a burglary occurred for some time. Your buildings almost say “come in!”
You have a good deal of locks, dead bolts, and a friend keeping an eye on the place. You eventually get a call and update with enough time to act. Your buildings have some security to slow down intruders.
You usually get tipped off when something is going on in your domain, be it via camer-as, gangs, nosy neighbors. Your buildings have significant security, alerting you when something is wrong most of the time.
Whether it is a mansion behind walls or a cave surrounded by sewers and limitless mazes, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to invade unannounced. Your domain has significant protections such as: constant surveillance, rotating passwords, the latest in tech protection, formidable security force, killer dogs, electrified fences, underground mazes.
Nothing can enter your domain without being detected be it magical, digital, or physical.

Physical Size

Even if your domain is just a small home or duplex shared with your ghouls, you must place 1 point in size. The larger the domain, the more power and influence you may have. But it could also spread you thin. If you share a domain with others with pooled point, make sure to clearly mark and describe where your haven is in the layout.

Your haven is that special chamber or building strictly for your daytime rest and personal affects. The size pertains more to the entire lot of land, size of structures, beyond just what houses your haven.

NoneA room somewhere, perhaps in an existing domain ruled by another or just tucked away somewhere. You don't control the building or area.
A small building, such as a single-family home or a social establishment – enough for a basic haven.
A church, factory, warehouse, mid-rise, or other large structure — a location with ready but easily controllable access to the outside world.
A high-rise, city block, or an important intersection — a location or area that offers areas for concealment as well as controlled access.
A sewer subsection, a network of service tunnels, the enclave of homes on a hill overlooking the city — a place with inherently protective features, such as an isolated mountain road, bridge-only access, or vigilant private security force.
An entire neighborhood, an ethnic subdivision like “Chinatown” or “Little Italy,” or a whole suburb.

Domain Herd

If you took the Herd background, you can skip putting points in this area. Your Herd can live in your domain but are not considered part of the domain’s bloodpool.

A Domain Herd is a bloodpool available from the populace without inducing concern or potentially breaking the masquerade. If your guests feed in the normal methods expected in your domain, they can enjoy a nice meal without the mess and fuss of a full hunt.

For Storytellers, this stat also helps for determining the allotted bloodpool available for hunting in the area. If a pack enters and feeds beyond this bloodpool, the domain owner is alerted and actions can be taken. These actions can be considered a breach of the rules, hunting rights, and give the kindred options for taking matters before court to taking the law into their own hands.

If you have a large herd and bloodpool, your domain may have a busy social place for kine to visit. For example, a large restaurant and bar could have a domain herd of 3, providing a bloodpool of 6. Typically, hungry Kindred should sip the points from more than one patron, or an ambulance will need to be called. Another example of a rather large domain herd could be the nightclub and bar district, a suburb with a busy bowling alley, or a theme park. A bloodpool of 10 would be available, again sipped from multiple patrons being wisest.

On the flip-side, a domain with a small domain herd could be a brownstone with 4 tenants or a church. You may enjoy living in a church, but not eating dinner among kine paranoid enough to seek police help.

NoneYou don’t have any available bloodpool in your domain. Any feeding can immediately make people nervous.
You have a small amount of herd in your domain. This provides 2 blood points per night without incurring a breach.
You have a small amount of herd in your domain. This provides 4 blood points per night without incurring a breach.
You have a small amount of herd in your domain. This provides 6 blood points per night without incurring a breach.
You have a small amount of herd in your domain. This provides 8 blood points per night without incurring a breach.
You have a small amount of herd in your domain. This provides 10 blood points per night without incurring a breach.


Secrecy goes beyond security into how well known your domain, or haven, is among kindred and their ghouls. In some cities, your domain is required on the books, known by all, including all of your rules. But sometimes, you may want a secret hideout or a domain off-the-books.

If all vampires know of all domains in a chronicle, Secrecy may be used for your haven within your domain (where you ultimately sleep during the day). You may not want other kindred to know the exact building or floor or room you sleep in during the day, where you keep your vault, or where your precious collectibles collect dust.

How you keep your domain secret is entirely up to you and your Storyteller. Perhaps the Camarilla leadership or a primogen wants your lair completely off the books as long as you keep all the hidden bodies hidden. Your domain may hold a powerful chantry or house a secret Sabbat pack, who kill or Dominate anyone that trespasses. You may even have a fake or smaller domain on the books, spending time in that location to keep up appearances while living elsewhere.

NoneEveryone knows about your domain. There may even be a few rumors of strange owners.
Just about anyone can find out about your domain, just takes a call or a chat.
Friends and neighboring vampires know of your domain.
Specific vampires have been informed of your domain.
The local Camarilla or Sabbat work to keep you off the books.
The Black Hand can’t find your domain to deliver Christmas Cards.