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Ghosts of the South

Opala hummed to herself, twirling cards within hands newly dipped into lineament and myruhhin to stay limber for a long day of work. Combs held her hair in twisted braids, heated rocks tucked within to help lock in those lovely curls she was known for. A mask of red clay cracked over her cheeks, about her eyes, clean and rested leaving a touch of color to heighten a youth she lost.

A steaming pot of chocha steeped away, for that perfect bitterness to combine with spice cubes and grain sugar. A morning bun of jasmine, currandir, and fig laid forgotten if missing a bite or two. She had perhaps two hours before the early lunch rush would fill her table with officials seeking insight to gain position, mother’s eager for matrimony for their children, sultans wishing just a light bit of conversation while waiting for their meetings, and lovers new and spurned.

Cards fell into patterns. The flaming cup, the lost road, the single lute with cut strings but one, the empress blinded, the warrior climbing or falling upon a cliff. Each of the backs had the slightest change in color, in the feathers of a large peacock. So festooned in details, no one caught on to her tricks. The deck served her well, thick and enameled, some form of shell perhaps, though she never questioned the make.

A shadow marred the edges of her vision, someone come too early, taking the seat of pillows across from her. “Afraid I am not reading yet, ju’sha. Come when we open for luncheon.”

A hand tattooed in henna and fesa reached across to pull a card, flipping it before her. A thrill of lightening traveled along her spine. How long had it been since this visitor appeared, to turn cards, disappearing the moment she peered up? Months? A year? Holding breath, she watched for the design to lay upward.

Usually something intriguing displayed, coming up in her daily life within the week. But this once, something new met her gaze. A card not of this desk, yet with the same back! A gentleman with a wide hat, long golden hair burnished by the sun, a single bright eye like a gem peeking from the brim. He wore traveling clothing, swathed in gold, beads, a scarf of dawn scattered to night. Under his boots wound a path neverending upon shifting waves, entering and leaving, with a series of stars within the ripples of his steps.

“Ruvia, travels through the deserts, waves of red gold sands parted before him. Be watchful, he comes with a message, but his steps may become wayward.”

Her fingers sought the card, touching his for a moment, something aching and familiar. Yet when she raised it from his, glancing to where he sat, nothing remained. Only the card.


Welcome to the South!

Ur’fan Arel’ka! Welcome friends!

I bid you welcome to the wonders of the South and great adventure. You come to Chiaroscuro for the wonders of trade, clandestine meetings, or a new home from the savage outlander Faseek? Or perhaps you were truly blessed by the right of birth here. Fine greeting. Join us in crafting your tale among the many here, but pay heed. Ghosts live in the earth, whisper on the desert winds, and they are hungry. Or perhaps you merely hear my stomach.

Scarlet Tooth

  • Scarlet is an openly living Full Moon Lunar on the Death’s Gambit, and as a dereth (woman living as a man).
  • A pirate at heart, she survived a deadly shark attack during a ship-to-ship fight with Peleps.
  • Scarlet continues her work as a pirate, with little fear of the world.
  • Scarlet definitely knows of and has traveled through the Black Markets of the UnderMarket. You know of a few locations: Andoras Vah’shul (old realm for Scrolls of the Dark) marketplace with fences and vendor stalls, The Night Garden strange garden cultivated in the darkness, Cyclops’ Revenge incredible bar with fights breaking out…all the time!
  • He gained Essence 4 by questing to end the Darkmoon's curse, releasing captured magics, demons, and ghosts.
  • His familiar Jet has become living shadow, blessed by the Essence 4 Quest.

Dust of the Broken Road

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  • “Dusty” – Dust of the Broken Road – Changing Moon Lunar living in hiding, not openly as a Lunar.
  • Dusty survived a deadly poisoning from eating a colorful lizard due to extreme hunger.
  • Dusty was enslaved to a bully called Grog, who has been taking in orphans for his own disgusting greed.
  • Learned under Frank (Old Man in the Sea – No Moon Lunar) and Jade Fang (Changing Moon Lunar).
  • Dusty has connections with the Scarlet Veils.
  • He gained Essence 4 by questing to end the Darkmoon's curse, releasing captured magics, demons, and ghosts.
  • His familiar Sooty has thin ribbons of silver tattoos upon his fur, blessed by the Essence 4 Quest.


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  • Seyjan never followed in the paths of his parents (dock worker and farmer), tending to a courtesan’s life.
  • Exalted as a Night caste Solar.
  • Seyjan continues work as a lover of all, companionship and sex as a companion.
  • Seyjan works out of the Silk Road, with a contact Opala the tarot reader.
  • Seyjan has an adoring ghost ally Anjier the Sun Greeter who praises the sun and his housemate.
  • Night of exaltation, he met a man with bright green eyes that read his cards: 3 cards – Maiden of Jupiter, Page of Swords, Moon card you are being deceived – he turned the last showing queen of pentacles.
  • He gained Essence 4 by questing to end the Darkmoon's curse, releasing captured magics, demons, and ghosts.
  • His familiar Garrett glimmers with perfectly white fur and golden eyes that shimmer, blessed by the Essence 4 Quest.


  • Juniper exalted as a Solar Dawn caste while protecting family in the travelling carnival she danced in.
  • She is an acrobatic dancer, with excellent tumbling skills, balance, and swordwork.
  • She is an accomplished swordwoman, destroying foes with whirling, slashing blades.
  • Her familiar is Opal, a socialite peacock.
  • She gained Essence 4 by questing to end the Darkmoon's curse, releasing captured magics, demons, and ghosts.
  • Her familiar Opal glimmers with perfectly white feathers and golden eyes that shimmer, blessed by the Essence 4 Quest.