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Resources for Conquest

The Warcraft Conquest Discord Server is a community project that focuses on coordinating fun and dynamic roleplay plot lines set in the Warcraft universe, conducted via dungeon mastered PvE-D20, PvP-D20, RP-PvE, and RP-PvP events. We hope to provide a platform for networking and collaboration for players on the Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord World of Warcraft servers! Many immersive graphical and written resources have been created by members of this project that any player may use in their roleplay.

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Conquest D20 System Simplified 1.2
Conquest War Machine System 3.1
Community Driven!

Warcraft Conquest is community driven, written and forged by numerous moderators, creators, writers, and players. The community is vast and ever-growing. Not enough thanks and love can be given to these folks.

Interested? Find us on Discord! All are welcome in the Warcraft roleplay community.

More to come!

These sections are growing, with tons more to come including moved and updated event pages, more events, etc.