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Create Boss and item Cards

Boss and item cards can be used for NPCs, cosmetic items, reclaimed items, quest items, and more for a tabletop game, guild event, short or long campaign, and other crazy ideas you can come up with!

Fonts and Brushes

You may need fonts used by these PSD files. Download and install fonts used in many of these PSD files. You can download and install the fonts from this zip file:

Helpful Request for the Artist

All of these resources are free of charge to download and open for anyone to use. Creating art and resources takes a great deal of time, effort, artistic work, and more. As a helpful gesture, feel free to note you used Sonceri Resources and Templates. You can link to this page. Thank you so very much!

Create Boss and Item Cards

These cards let you add art files and info for bosses players battle or meet or items they earn through events.

  1. Copy and paste your art into the art folder. Masks automatically will block out the art without fancy edits.
  2. Edit the text with names, types, content, DM name(s), and the event name.
  3. If available, show/hide icons.
  4. Save as a .png file to keep the transparency.
Lots of Items, One File!

To make life easier and keep the file size down, write content in a separate file like a Google Doc. Add the art to the file, giving the layer a name matching the card type. You can just save the art in this PSD, using copy/paste from the Google Doc if you ever need to tweak something.

Barrens Theme

Originally these cards were used in the Thornwake campaign with a Barrens plains and major city feel.

PSD Sonceri Card - Barrens - click to download.

You will also need the 28 Days font.

Barrens Card

Tropic Sunder Theme

Originally these cards were used in the Tropic Sunder campaign with a wild jungle feel.

PSD Sonceri Card - Tropic - click to download.

Tropic Card

Scourge Shadowlands Theme

Originally these cards were used in the In Death's Shadow campaign with a Shadowlands scourge feel.

PSD Sonceri Card - Scourge - click to download.

Scourge Card

Pandaria Theme

Originally these cards were used in Visions of the Vale campaign with a Pandarian feel.

PSD Sonceri Card - Pandaria - click to download.

Pandaria Card