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WoW Logos

Create your own WoW Logos for events, campaigns, and guilds! Using the base logo images from World of Warcraft, these Photoshop files give you the ability to add art and text, generating custom logos for your groups.

There are two versions:

  • Large base logos
  • Medium logos with space for your guild crests

Download Files


  1. Download and install the fonts.

  2. Download and open the Photoshop files.

  3. Select a Logo folder. Each logo has options for adding your own text, art for backgrounds, art for the circle or for your guild crest, and bottom options.


  4. Paste art in the folders. Resize and move art as needed, play with effects and ideas, to create a custom logo for your groups.

  5. For the Guild Crests version, create a guild crest and place it in the top folder for the circle.

  6. Play with text options in each logo or in the Text Ideas folder. Show, hide, and edit the text!

  7. Save as a .png.

Example Crests

Here are a couple examples!